-Getting Cosy + Festive-

Hey lovelies~!

I’m back! It’s been way too long since I last posted and I really, really want to try and post consistently on here again because I enjoy writing these blog posts – I just need to focus on posting what I want to post instead of posting what I think people will want to see.

Anyway, let’s get warm and cosy!

So, as soon as November 1st hit, Halloween was out of the way and Christmas officially started! – for me anyway, haha! Christmas is my favourite holiday because of how cosy and jolly it is, and I honestly feel like the atmosphere surrounding this holiday is so positive and happy! 🙂

I’ve been trying to decorate my room since late August and we’re nearly half-way through November, and…. well, I’ve not finished it yet! But I did get some light gold (velvet) curtains which look super festive. I didn’t mean for them to as I’ll be using them all year round but, hey, I dig it. Also, the mug you see on the left is my mum’s and it’s the fanciest mug/cup I’ve ever seen!! And what do I have in said cup? Tea! Because tea always makes me feel cosy, as well as a good book or movie. I also watch a lot of YouTube, and everyone on there is starting to get that festive feeling! ❤Processed with MOLDIV


<– That outfit is one I’ve been loving at the moment. The top is from H&M and it’s really pretty and elegant, and gives an overall classic look when paired with a long skirt. I can’t remember where that skirt is from but it makes me feel like a snowflake or Christmas fairy whenever I wear it!




The evening/night is when I’ve been feeling the most cosy and that’s also the time for dinner and snuggles with the cats – I have 3 but there’s one who seems to love snuggles with me more than the others.

Pasta is my all time favourite food and there’s loads of things you can do for it but nothing will beat good old Bolognese  pasta – YUM! I’d barely finished stuffing it in my mouth when Daisy came and snuggled on my lap. I finished the cosy night with some hot chocolate and Jeffree Star videos. And, omg, tomorrow his Alien collection is out and I can’t wait – I wanna play!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and drop me a like, it means a lot! And I hope you have a safe and lovely day/night wherever in the galaxy you are~!

Lauren. X

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