Writing Adventures #1

Hey lovelies~!

So, I thought I would start to track where I am with my writing! This will also be where I can complain about it and just share my experiences and other things like that. 🙂

What I would like to start off with is the fact that I wrote nearly half a book and then scrapped it because I just wasn’t feeling it! I know, Lord save me!!

Yesterday one of my previous ideas came back to me and I decided to return to what I had wrote a couple months ago. So, I went into my documents and opened up the file. I’m currently on chapter four of this story but I read over everything I’d wrote and I actually, kind of, like it – I always have to remind myself that it’s just a FIRST DRAFT! It can change and be improved as many times I need it to be so.

So, the plan today is to pick up where I left off with that story and I kind of know where I want to take it and what I want my main character, Kivara, to achieve. I have the whole world planned out in my mind and all the amazing characters – there’s so many and I’ve created such a big, diverse and complex world that I can’t wait to start building on and sharing~! ❤

I hope my posts help some of you who are stuck in a rut like me, and together we’ll finish writing out stories so that we can begin to share them with the world!!

Let’s do this!

Lauren. X

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