A Court of Frost and Starlight

Hey lovelies~!

So I read ACOFAS and I absolutely loved it! You have to remember that it’s not a full novel, it’s just a quick novella – that means nothing dark r gritty’s going to happen. And so, I went into it knowing it would be a light, fun read.

AfterlightImage (1)

Rhys and Feyre are so good together and their scenes were so sweet and adorable – as well as humorous. I especially loved Cassian’s scenes – he is my fave character after all! ❤

So, this novella takes place during the winter solstice and the character’s are all trying to figure out what to get each other as presents – which is where the fun and humour comes into play. Mor’s ideas of gifts are hilarious!

Now, during the first three books I actually liked Nesta – however, this book… nah, not a fan of her anymore; she seriously needs to get her act together! And, after reading the preview for the next book, it looks like Feyre and Cassian are gonna sort her out. Good!

This was just a quick review/opinion as it was only a novella and not a lot happened – but it was a very enjoyable read~! What are your thoughts on it, did you love it or feel it was a bit lack-luster?

Hope you’re having a lovely day/night!

Lauren. X

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