Harry Potter: Book One

So, a little (or rather, big) confession is that I’ve only ever read books 1,2 and 7 of the Harry Potter books! I know, I’m mad, right?!

BUT, I decided to change that and am now reading the whole series. Starting with book one, of course! 🙂


I’ve now read the first book three times and every time I read it I’m filled with warmth and nostalgia. I love this book so much and love joining Harry on his journey to discover Hogwarts and everything magic. We also meet the rest of the amazing characters and I can’t wait for others to start appearing as I read on in the series.

Rowling has such an amazing way of writing that makes reading easy and the words flow beautifully together. I know that this is a series I will never stop re-reading! ❤

So, I’m actually a Hufflepuff and my patronus is a bat (as revealed on Pottermore). What are you guys?

Who was my favourite character in this book? It has to be Hermione – I love how her character develops and she starts to cleverly make excuses for rule-breaking, and how she informs Professor McGonagall that it was her fault during the whole troll scene – she takes the blame for Harry and Ron. Of course, I do also really love the Weasley twins (Fred and George) and if I attended Hogwarts during the Potter years then I’d probably be closest friends with them – as I’m all up for a spot of mischief~!

I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of the books – especially the Goblet of Fire as that was my favourite of the movies. Which is your favourite Harry Potter book/movie?

Thank you for taking the time to view my post and I hope your having a wonderful and safe day/night~!

Lauren. X

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