State of Sorrow

Hello lovelies, and welcome to my first book review! I’m not an expert at reviewing books but I shall try my best and would love to hear what you thought of the book as well! πŸ™‚

The first part of the review will be spoiler free!


So, I was instantly drawn to the cover of this book. I mean, look at it, it’s beautiful and magical and everything I love in a cover. Due to this, I had very high expectations going into it and shall be honest in telling you that I was sort of let down, in the beginning.

The book opens with a short prologue that sets up the rest of the book. We are introduced to Chancellor Harun and his pregnant wife, and three year old son, Mael. Tragedy strikes upon a bridge of starlight and Mael drowns in the river. Harun’s wife dies after giving birth to a little girl, who she names Sorrow – for that is all she brings.

Chapter One takes place eighteen years later and Sorrow is struggling to keep her families lands together as her father – still grieving after all this time, has turned to drugs (Lementia) and is very ill. Sorrow, her best friend Irris, and Irris’ father, Charon must try and keep things together or Rhannon will fall.


I really enjoyed the story as a whole and it definitely got better the further I read. There was some exposition in the beginning but it was woven beautifully into the story and didn’t leave me feeling bored. I’m actually very excited to see where the story goes and how all the loose ends are tied together.


Sorrow annoyed me at first but I did come to like her. Irris is a doll, I love her so much – she’s so sweet and supportive, but is also harsh when she needs to be, in order to keep Sorrow in check. Charon is lovely, I really like his character and feel like he was more of a father to Sorrow than Harun has ever been. All I’ll say about Luvian, because I don’t want to spoil anything in this section, is that I LOVE him so much – he’s now a fictional husband of mine!! ❀

I don’t like Rasmus, I felt his intentions were rather… unnecessary and he turned out to be a huge douche. Although Sorrow wasn’t in the right either- as far as those two were concerned.


The pacing in the beginning was dreadful. I got to chapter 7 and, like, NOTHING had happened. Sorrow walked around the Winter Palace, argued with someone, and then walked around it some more. However, once I hit chapter 8/9 it did pick up rather quickly and things did then start happening and I became very engrossed in the book and could hardly put it down!

To conclude this section of the review, I did really enjoy this book and gave it 4/5* on Goodreads. Although it started off slow, it was worth it when we got the the big twists and turns in the book and they sucked me right in. I can’t wait for the next book – and look forward to seeing what the cover will look like~! ❀



You have been warned! πŸ˜‰




Okay, so when Mael was revealed as being alive, I was like… WHAT?! How? How could an infant have survived that fast flowing river?? But it seems Charon also believed it to be impossible and so he and Sorrow believed Mael to be an imposter – being manipulated by Vespus. We still don’t even know if he’s a real Ventaxis or not but I know one thing. By the end of the book I was seriously sympathising with the man. He honestly believes he’s Sorrow’s sister and I felt so bad for him near the end when he feels like he’s alone again. Sorrow was unnecessarily distant with him – just because she believed it wasn’t her real brother, didn’t mean she couldn’t have at least made friends with him anyway. I just want to give him a big hug!!

Luvian, oh my God, I love that man. Even when Sorrow believed he’d betrayed her, I was like ‘Nah, no, nada; Luvian will come through for us, I believe that!’Β  – and he did, so yay! I ship him and Sorrow so much and I can’t wait to see their relationship hopefully deepen in the next book. Hopefully, in the next book, she stays away from Rasmus.

When we found out Sorrow wasn’t actually a Ventaxis, I was surprised but was also like ‘makes sense’ – it didn’t utterly shock me – I felt like we were building up to something like that – I just wished she’d told Luvian so they could fully trust each other.


Anywho, what were your thoughts on the book? Did you also love Luvian’s character? Let me know in the comments below~!

Lauren. ❀

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