-A Place Called Perfect: Book Review-

It’s a late post tonight folks! I’ve just finished reading A Place Called Perfect by Helena Duggan and I was pleasantly surprised by it.

I found this book on Amazon in the children’s section and decided to pick it up. I was having a major reading slump and thought that a simple read (and change of pace) would put me back on track – it did.

I shall refrain from spoilers as I want you all to read and enjoy this wonderful book for yourselves. 🙂


You know a book is good when you’re upset that it ended – luckily, it appears there will be a sequel.

A Place Called Perfect is about a young girl named Violet who moves with her parents to a town called… well, Perfect! Everyone in this town has to wear glasses to stop them from going blind and Violet’s father was asked to the town to try and help them.

The people of perfect all look and act perfectly but Violet feels that there’s something seriously wrong. She’s hearing voices, her mum’s changed and her dad ends up disappearing. She then meets Boy, who shows her that there are others, like her father, who have disappeared and that there are people called Watchers who are guarding a very dark secret!

This book was charming and I felt myself becoming attached to a big handful of characters – especially Violet and Boy. Duggan’s writing is wonderful and I easily pictured scenes in my head with how descriptive she was.

If you’re up for some adventure that includes some edge of the seat moments then this one is definitely for you~! ❤

I also must give a shout out to Katherine Millichope at Usborne and Karl James Mountford for the stunning design and illustration of the book’s cover – it’s beautiful and I plan on buying a physical copy of the book just so I can have it sat on my shelf!

Thank you for taking the time to view and I hope you’re having a wonderful and safe day/night~!

Lauren. X


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