-Eyeshadow Love: Urban Decay-

So, there are two make-up products I have an unhealthy and costly obsession with: lipsticks and eyeshadows.

Hi all! Today I thought I would share with you my one true love of the eyeshadow world: Urban Decay. Just to give you a little background – the first ‘expensive’ eyeshadow palette I ever got was a used Naked 1 palette. My mum gave it to me after she bought the Naked 2 palette. I was amazed by the quality compared to some of the other eyeshadows I had been using from way cheaper brands. I instantly became addicted to this brands eyeshadows and got myself four other palettes from them.

Recently, I had a make-up clear out and got rid of three of their palettes which I had worn out. The two I have left I want to share with you because they’re a go to for me everyday.

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Firstly, we have the Smoky palette. This palette is great for creating both day and night looks. This is due to it having a range of everyday browns and soft beiges to dark smoky blacks and purples. A benefit to Urban Decays eyeshadows is that they’re not chalky at all and there’s hardly any fallout! Which isn’t normally a huge problem for me but it does mean less mess – both on my dressing table and on me!

The colours are also pigmented but can be layered for a more intense look. But what I love most about their eyeshadows is how blendable they are. They’re very soft but not so soft they you get no colour and I love experimenting with different all the different colours and trying to make them work – this leads nicely into the next palette which is by far my favourite simply because of how colourful and creative it is. Plus the theme. I’m a lover of…

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… Alice in Wonderland~! I remember when they first announced this limited edition palette and I was beyond excited. It came out just before I went to London for my 21st birthday and I managed to get it at the Debenhams store. This palette is just as good in quality as the rest but the colours are so pigmented and fun! It’s my favourite palette for creating new and unique looks! ❤

The packaging on this product is extremely beautiful as well and I never want this palette to run out! The colours I have used the most are the greens and oranges. It’s not exactly a ‘normal’ everyday look but if I’m feeling extra creative or crazy then those are the colours a reach for.

Do you like Urban Decay’s eyeshadows or is there another brand which you think rules them all?

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful and safe day/night~!

Lauren. X


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