-A Paperchase Christmas!-

Went into Paperchase to buy a pack of Christmas cards and left with a handful of other cards and a couple of other xmas goodies~!

Paperchase is one of my favourite places to go and shop because it has the cutest and coolest of items to buy. I’m a sucker for pretty notebooks and pens – as well as little home accessories and so when I saw their Christmas range my heart jumped for joy. I plan on going back in a couple of weeks when they have more out and hope to get myself some more things. They had little fake Christmas trees which I definitely want as well.

The first thing I spotted was a solid, gold antler wreath and it’s covered in gold glitter – I’ve got to have that glitter! I’m not hanging it up though. Instead, I’m going to lay it on my display table and find something to put in the middle of it – perhaps a small xmas tree.

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I then headed over to the cards section and found some for work which were on buy one get the second half price – so that was lucky. 🙂 I also picked up some cards for my mum, dad, sister, her boyfriend and my grandparents. So, I think I’m sorted for cards. They’re not the cheapest from Paperchase but they’re high quality and very beautiful – it was hard to choose!!

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I then thought ‘right, that’s it, no more’ but on my way to the tills I spotted a little box containing some happy felt gingerbread men. I found out that it was a garland and had to have them. They’re SO cute and I decided not to wait for December and to just hang them up now. I mean, I even watched ELF yesterday (my all time favourite xmas film!)

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Is it too early to start with the Christmas festivities? Not according to most shops. Where I work, there’s already Christmas songs playing and the centre has Christmas trees up and tinsel everywhere. The cities lights have also been switched on and I always say once Bonfire Night is out of the way then it’s Christmas all the way! 😀

Thank you for taking the time to view this post, it means an awful lot! I hope you’re also having a lovely and safe day/night wherever you are~!

Lauren. X


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