-Zoella Christmas-

When we got Zoe’s new Christmas products in at work, a bit ago, I just had to get them. She always does well when it comes to packaging and I have to admit; I prefer this range to her gingerbread range – although it did smell good.

The first thing I wanted to try out was the bubble bath. It comes in a large glass jar and just looks adorably amazing! 😀


I’ve used it once (too busy for baths at the moment) and it’s very bubbly and smells amazing. The only problem I faced was getting the top off and back on – you need some serious muscle power to get it undone the first time. I used the bubble bath with the ‘Splash of Milk’ product. (I also have the teabags as they come as a set).


These are also amazing products and I love how the bath teabags look! ❤ They’re so cute and I have never seen anything like that before. The last product I got was a set and in that set was a hand cream that I have come to love.


It doesn’t leave my hands sticky and instead leaves them feeling soft and smelling great! I hope to buy more of these products as well as some of her Christmas lifestyle products. I’ve already asked for more of the bubble bath for Christmas, ha-ha~! 🙂

I definitely recommend her new range of products and think they would make adorable gifts at this festive time.

Thank you for viewing this post and I hope you’re have a safe and amazing day/night~!

Lauren. X


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