-Bedroom Re-do-

Whoa, has it been a while since I last posted something! Ha-ha, sorry about that! I just went into a major creative slump and wasn’t sure what I was doing but now I’m back.

After finally exiting the creative slump, I decided I wanted to redecorate my bedroom and make it a room I was proud of and could chill and be creative in. I have always been a fan of the monochrome look but wanted to add some colour to it and so decided on a black-white-gold colour scheme.

The first part of the bedroom that I have snazzed up is my little display table.


Can we all take a second to admire that lamp though? I flaming love it!! ❤ I got it from amazon for £32.99 which I believe is a bargain. I have also ordered some of those funky retro light bulbs which hopefully won’t be as blinding as a normal bulb.

The gold tray next to it is from Debenhams and it was a story of love at first sight (it cost £15). And the little fake succulents are from Amazon.

Now, do you spy a little alien spaceship looking thing? Yeah, that’s actually a fidget spinner and it has star signs and astrology things on it. I spied it in one of Anastasjia Louise’s videos (a youtuber you should definitely check out) and had to have it! 🙂

Expect more room updates over the course of the next few months as Christmas and my birthday (at the end of January) will be when I get most of my new room accessories.

Thank you for viewing my posts and I hope you have a safe and amazing day/night~!

Lauren. X


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