Too Faced Eyeshadows: …Oh Dear…

Hello beautiful people! Today let’s have a chat about some of Too Faced’s eyeshadows. My opinions of these are not overall positive (you have been warned!) 🙂

So, I have two palettes by Too Faced and they are; the Chocolate Bon Bon palette (£39) and the Natural Eyes palette (£32).

Processed with MOLDIV   Processed with MOLDIV

Let’s start with the Chocolate Bon Bon palette. So this palette looks so cute and pretty and I was mainly interested in buying it by the fact that it supposedly smells of sweet, sweet chocolate. And, boy, it smells of chocolate and I loved it! ❤

However, due to it having a fragrance it seemed that my eyes did not respond well and they would water immensely all day long. Another downside was the fallout. Now like I mentioned previously, in my Makeup Revolution post, I’m not one to get dramatic over some fallout but the colours just weren’t pigmented (on my skin – it might be different for others). I must also mention that I only used them dry. On Debenhams website it does say you can dampen them but I’m not one to do that to any shadows or make-up.

Going back to the topic of pigment, when I used a brush and applied to the eyelid, it did go on patchy and I had to layer up 3-4 times in order to get an opaque colour. Plus, the glittery shade – Cafe Au Lait – was just glitter – there was no pigment to it.

There were, however, some upsides as well. The colours are beautiful and if you can get them to work then you can create some gorgeous soft looks – the pink colours were my favourites. Plus, it smells amazing and if you don’t have overly sensitive eyes then this palette might be for you. I, however, will not be using these anymore as my eyes simply cannot take it~!

Processed with MOLDIV   Processed with MOLDIV

Now for the Natural Eyes palette. This one I like a little more as it does not have a fragrance and so does not overly make my eyes water (however, they sometimes still do and so I’m wondering if there is something in the Too Faced shadow formulae which just doesn’t like me). Again, there is a lot of fallout but my main concern was with the pigmentation – there’s some but it’s not the best.

When I first opened up this palette I was excited by the shade Honey Pot as I had always wanted a lovely gold colour. Unfortunately, it’s very patchy and you really do have to layer it. It’s also more of a powdery dull gold. Recently, I purchased an MUA Mono Eyeshadow pot in the colour Copper and oh my word is it pigmented and shiny and just wonderful (but I shall discuss that amazing product in a future post). All I will say is that the MUA shadow only cost £1! Yes, one British pound! Whereas this palette was £32 – making an individual shadow about £3.50.

Overall, I was very disappointed by these eyeshadows but I do love the Too Faced Flush Blush – even though it’s not as pigmented as NYX’s blushers. It appears they just need to work on pigment. Did these products work well for you or did you have the same problems?

Thank you for viewing this post and I hope you have a wonderful day/night~!

Lauren. X


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