Revolution Light and Shade: First Impressions

Hello, beautiful people! Today, we’re taking a look at the dupe for Kat Von D’s Light and Shade palette. I would like to note that I haven’t tried KVD’s palette so I won’t be comparing them (obviously)!


So let’s start with how this palette looks. There’s nothing overly fancy about the packaging as it is just £8 so they’re on a budget. All the shades look very lovely and after having a good look I think I’ll end up using all of them at some point to create alternative looks.

When I first dipped a brush into this palette, I noticed straight away that it is rather powdery – which isn’t too great as you need to blow the palette and tap your brush once or twice before applying. I know this will annoy some peeps but it really doesn’t bother me. Their Flawless 2 palette has some fallout too but it’s seriously no biggie to me. 🙂 That’s really the only downside that I have found so far.

The colours that I have tried blend very well and the pigment is easily build-able. I can’t wait to dive into the black around Halloween! 😀 Let’s just pray it isn’t patchy as that can happen with very dark colours.

I used the B brushes by Superdrug instead of the brush it came with as it isn’t that great a brush and doesn’t blend the shadows well.

Overall, I’m looking forward to using more of this palette and think it’s great for £8! I would also like to mention that I actually prefer Revolutions eyeshadows to Too Faced’s – I know, shock horror! :O But that, ladies and gents, is for another blog post.

Thank you for viewing and I hope you have a wonderful day/night~!

Lauren. X


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