Cute ‘n’ Quirky Bedroom Haul!

Hello beautiful people! Today I wanted to share with you some of the new decorative accessories I have purchased for my bedroom – which is still a work in progress. All of these items weren’t too expensive as I’m trying my best to bargain shop because I am known to splurge a little too often… and I need to stop. So, let’s get into it!

The first two items I purchased are cactus themed~!
Processed with MOLDIV   Processed with MOLDIV

On the left, we have a cactus light. It’s battery operated and looks amazing when lit up on an evening/night. And on the right we have some cactus tea light… yes, cactus tea lights. I was amazed when I found these and grabbed two boxes as they were only £2.50 each! The only downside of them is that they burn VERY quickly and make a mess. However, they do look cute sat on your shelves and side tables. 🙂

Another candle related thing I got was a house tealight holder.

Processed with MOLDIV


It’s very cute, especially when lit in a dark environment as it looks like little people are living in the house as the light shines through the front and windows, ha-ha~! It makes the room feel very cosy when lit as well.




Next are some storage boxes.

Processed with MOLDIV


All three are styled like suitcases and have motivational quotes on them. Such as, ‘choose happy’, ‘follow your dreams’ and ‘always be awesome’. They’re very cute and stylish and fit in with my current monochrome and gold obsession! 😀

They also hold quite a lot and I have some make-up and other beauty items stored in them.


The last two items I bought fit in with the monochrome theme…

Processed with MOLDIV   Processed with MOLDIV

On the left is a ‘dream big’ jewellery dish which I’ve had my eye on for a while now and finally decided to just bloody go for it as it wasn’t expensive. And finally, on the right, we have a black marble tealight holder which I have yet to use but I’m sure will look amazingly stylish when lit tonight. It’s also a very weighty item which kind of surprised me when it arrived.

Thank you to all who take them time to view my blog and I hope you’re having a wonderful and safe day/night~!

Lauren. x


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