Fragrance Favourites~!

Hello beautiful people! Today I have four fragrances to share with you that are my faves~! πŸ˜€ ❀

We might as well dig straight in!

Paco Rabanne – Black XS.

Processed with MOLDIV


I’ve been using this fragrance longer than the other three I have to show you. This one is for the edgier side of me, ha-ha. It reminds me of a poison bottle and the smell is muskier and stronger than the other fragrances. So I tend to save this more for when I go out (which is like… hardly ever). This fragrance includes notes such as cranberry, cocoa blossom and vanilla.


Nina Ricci – Nina and Marc Jacobs – Daisy.

Processed with MOLDIV

Nina is a sweeter scent and it’s more of a light everyday fragrance, in my opinion. It has citrus top notes (lemon and lime) and musky base notes as will as hints of apple and vanilla.

Daisy is my favourite everyday fragrance and I get it ever year on my birthday (as it’s during the January sales – get in!) and this is also a lighter scent. It doesn’t have as many notes as the other fragrance (just four) and they are; wild berries, white violet, jasmine infusion and sandalwood.

Paco Rabanne – Olympea.

Processed with MOLDIV


Another Paco Rabanne one and this is what I would call the ‘lighter’ fragrance. It’s quite strong like Black XS but it’s not as musky, in my opinion (note: every fragrance will smell different on different people because it’s how it reacts with your skin). This one has notes of green mandarin, ginger lily, salted vanilla and sandalwood.



So, there’s my top four fragrances (in no particular order) and I tend to choose which to wear based upon my mood and whether I’m wanting a darker or lighter scent. Whilst writing this, I have Black XS on~!

Thank you for taking the time to view my blog and I hope you’re having a wonderful and safe day/night~!

Lauren. X


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