New Year, New Me~

Everybody seems to say this but in all honesty last year was a roller coaster and I plan on making this year my year. There are a few things which I wish to do throughout this year. Some are big projects and others are minor self improvements.

Firstly, I want to relax more – both body and mind. I work in retail so I’m constantly dealing with a variety of people and more often than not I end up dealing with some difficult customers. I love my job but it can be stressful. I also deal with anxiety and paranoia which is also highly stressful, so being able to relax and let my mind drift off is something I really want to be able to do.

To help with this I have decided to start taking more baths as I’m normally just a shower person. I’ve also been buying a lot of lush bath bombs because they’re very pretty, smell good and can help with the relaxation process.

In terms of larger projects; it has been a wish of mine, ever since I was six, to be a writer. Not necessarily a successful one but a writer non-the-less. I simply want to share stories with others and so I shall probably start by publishing things to Wattpad.

I also want to do more baking and improve what I consume in terms of food – because I eat a lot of junk. xD

So, overall, I just wish to be more productive this year and spend more time creating memories with family and friends.

Here’s hoping you all have an amazing 2017 too!

Lauren. X


6 thoughts on “New Year, New Me~

    • laureninwonderland0 says:

      Thank you, it honestly means a lot 🙂 What’s your username on Wattpad? When I have some free time I’ll check out your work~


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